Cheap perfumes in Hong Kong

November 29, 2010

(amik dari gugel map)

Sesape yang biasa pegi ke Hong Kong mesti tau katne Tsim Sha Tsui so senang skit nak paham map ni. Tapi sape yang tak penah pegi or bercadang nak pegi jadi aku kena explain detail supaya paham. Bleh print map ni kalau takut sesat. Yang aku letak bintang tu adalah kedai-kedai perfume.

Landmark kat sini ada 3, (1) Masjid Kowloon, (2) MTR Stesen Tsim Sha Tsui dan (3) Hotel Benito (yang belon warna merah berhuruf A). Kalau naik MTR, keluar kat Exit B1 dan automatik korang akan berada kat Cameron Road. Make sure arah berjalan tu opposite Masjid Kowloon sampaila bertemu Hotel Benito di sebelah kiri (tengok map ada jalan kecik sebelah kiri, hotel tu facing jalan kecik tu). Just opposite junction hotel tu terletak kedai pertama iaitu Goodyear Perfume. Dari luar tak nampak macam kedai perfume pun sebab dia campur dengan farmasi dalam 1 kedai, tapi kat sini boleh dapat perfume Buy 1 Free 1. Kalau pandai pilih boleh dapat combination yang murah (sori gambar kedai aku takde).

Second, kene jalan atas sikit dari Goodyear Perfume sampaila ke hujung jalan, ada simpang empat kat sini (tengok map), dari simpang ni bleh nampak kedai jam Swatch. Kedai perfume ni still di Cameron Road dan terletak sebelah dengan kedai jam Swatch. Nama kedai aku tatau sebab tulisan Cina, tapi aku ada gambar untuk tunjukkan yang mana satu kedainya.

By the way, kat Hong Kong barang mekap dan perfume sangatlah murah so boleh la borong banyak-banyak bawak balik sini. Cuma aku tak pasti kalau beli lebih dari 10 kotak tu kene cukai ke tak. Semua barang mekap dan perfume kat sini original, kadang-kadang dia jual tester. Tapi tester ke tak tester ke both still original. Sometimes aku beli tester sebab sometimes tester ni sengaja dibuat extra power dari yang normal/untuk dijual sebab nak tarik orang beli (extra nisbah campuran perfume dari air). Kat sini aku tak penah lagi jumpa barang ciplak, lagipun watpe nak buat ciplak sebab yang original pun dah murah (kat sini barang Esprit pun murah).


Muslim traveler in Perth

November 21, 2010

For previous entry, please go here.

Thing that always been a major concern to muslim traveler is about finding the halal food in a non-muslim country. But it never been a big issue to me since I always opt for alternative like fish fillet, chips/french fries, pasta, fruits and veggies. I don't really cook heavy meal and eat meat/chicken while travelling coz I find it difficult and time consuming (cutting meat/chicken and prepare BIG meals does take a lot of time, do you agree?). So I just cook something simple and easy, and since I always on the move, I find it hassle to store the meat/chicken coz it rot easily. So that's my reason.

If you travel with family it's better to cook rather than burn a hole in your pocket coz a piece of halal kebab will cost you about AUD7-8. If there's like 6 people traveling together and you eat like 3x a day, just image how much you going to spend! However, it's not hard to find halal meat and chicken here coz there's muslim community in Perth. You can look for halal butcher around Perth here and here. Don't scratch your head to locate the shop, just pin the address on your GPS to reach it. Travel smart!

If you plan to buy sauce for pasta or whatever, please go through the ingredient and usually, if the product is halal, an AFIC logo is certified there, much like HALAL logo that we have here in Malaysia. AFIC stands for Australian Federation of Islamic Council.

AFIC logo

If you like to spend and lazy to cook, you can choose to eat outside as there's few places selling halal foods around Perth such as Ispa Kebab in Harbour Town Shopping Mall and others, just go here for a full list.

Besides that, if you fancy paying visit to the mosque in Perth and surround, you can check the list of mosque here and prayer time here. I've also blogged about finding the kiblat direction while traveling and you can read about it here.


It's Perth

Due to interest of people about this place, I will ignore my tragic memory and blog about it. After sometime I didn't post anything about travel but today I finally decide to write one, and hopefully I will continue this until the last part. 

Anyway, I'm just going to do some simple touch 'n go about point of interest around Perth & Western Australia (WA) for you to plan your journey. Basically WA is so big that you have to spend at least about 5-7 days to cover it. If you spend less than 5 days, I would suggest you to just move around Perth and down south from Fremantle to Augusta. However, that journey will be quite rushing and probably you don't really enjoy it.

First, I'm going to give you some idea of what it's like to drive in Australia.

1. To rent a car/van/whatever, you must have a valid driving license. Malaysian driving license is accepted here.

2. You need to have an active credit card or debit card because some remote place like Lake King doesn't have cash facility coz there's only small booth for credit card/debit card for you to make transaction to buy petrol/gas (and you have to DIY since there's no one waiting to help you). Really, that place is much like a ghost town (I forgot to take photo, sorry!). And to drive outside of Perth, you need to really make sure your tank is always full or otherwise you'll get stuck in the middle of nowhere. So always check your tank!

3. Use GPS if you're not sure where you're heading because sometimes you'll get lost especially in the city or outside of Perth where your chance to look for human to give you direction is crucial (especially in the remote area where yours is the only car on the deserted road).

4. Consider to take the reduce access insurance (if you rent a car/van/whatever) because you'll never know what's coming for you! (like suddenly a kangaroo jumping from left to right and you hit it). I've seen lots of kangaroos died on the roadside. They're so fast and you can't suddenly brake or slow down at 110km/h. Could you?

5. Know where you're going! Don't waste your time not knowing where you want to go and please plan your route.

6. To drive here by all means you must follow all the roadsigns and speed. Always give signal even at the roundabout. Don't simply speed because the speed camera is everywhere, even in a place where you least think of (like forest?). Always don't take for granted not to pay the parking fee/ticket at some remote place or at night around the city area unless if you want a "souvenir" being sent to Malaysia. (souvenir = summon)

7. In Australia, you drive on the left-hand side of the road, much like here in Malaysia. So you won't get confuse. 

8. Fill the tank first and pay when finished. It's the practice here unlike in Malaysia where we pay first, then fill later. But don't run after you filled up! It's rude.

9. Most petrol station outside Perth doesn't operate 24 hours a day and close it's business as early as 5pm (some at 7pm) and resume back at 8-9am. Same goes to shops, but some supermarket like IGA close at 9pm (some area at 6pm).

10. Since the journey in WA would take like hundred of kilometers to reach from point A to point B (sometimes like half-day driving), you should call/book ahead your accommodation since most of the reception will close at 5-7pm. 

Some other info you need to know about WA or Australia :

1. As Malaysian, you must apply for ETA to get in here or otherwise you'll be denied from entering the country. ETA is Electronic Travel Authority or e-visa which allows you to enter and stay in Australia for the maximum period of 3 months for each stay. For detailed info about ETA please go here.

2. Type of power point being used here is different from what we normally have in Malaysia. You can buy a traveler adapter coz it's much easy-breezy so you can use it in all countries you plan to visit.

convenience traveler adapter 

power point in Australia and New Zealand

3. Time zone in WA is GMT+8 and it's same as Malaysia and Singapore.

4. Season in WA & Australia in general : Summer (December - February), Autumn (March - May), Winter (June - August) and Spring (September - November)

5. Business hours in WA in general from 9am-5.30pm. Some do extend until 9pm.

6. If you wish to bring some food from Malaysia, please read more about it in this entry which I've blogged about it sometime ago. 

I think that's all for now and in the next entry I will write about interesting places that you can visit while in WA. Since I'm not sure what else to write so I'll resume again next time.

footnote : First of all, I don't initially plan to type this entry in English (which is unusual from what I normally do), but today my mood changed. Maybe next time it will be in Bahasa or whatever I don't know yet. If you find some grammatical error in this it's fine coz I don't get an A for English during school days...huhuhu~


masuk toilet kunci la pintu!

November 17, 2010

Aku teringat pengalaman kali pertama naik flight dari KL ke Phuket, itulah first time aku merasa naik flight, agak ketinggalan zaman la jugak kan, hahaha... Detik paling mencemaskan bila flight take-off. Aku memang takut tempat tinggi so ni kira fear factor gakla. Waktu flight nak take-off tu aku rasa nak lompat keluar pun ada sebab cuak gila, tapi sekarang dah tak sebab dah kerap naik.

sila pasangkan sabuk pengaman begini untuk extra safety
*photo from google

Benda kedua aku cuak masa masuk air pocket sebab gegaran tersangat kuat macam kapal nak tercabut dua. Aku rasa bukan aku sorang je panik waktu tu, tapi 1 kapal panik sebab sume orang muka macam nak jumpa malaikat maut, siap pegang seat depan, tunduk la, peluk orang sebelah pun ada. Dalam hati aku dah siap-siap mengucap, dah terbayang kapal terbang bersepai pun ada. Waktu kapal selamat cecah runway sume orang menghela nafas panjang dan bertepuk tangan macam tengok bola masuk ke gawang gol. Hahaha..

Baru-baru ni jadi lagi 1 benda yang agak tragis. Kisahnya begini, waktu nak check-in tu biasala queue mesti panjang. Orang belakang aku ni couple, si lelaki ni asik mengutuk orang, asal nampak orang yang tak kena dekat mata je mesti dia mengumpat dekat partner dia, pehtu gelak kuat-kuat. Aku dengar pun meluat, rasa pathetic pun ada,'re trying hard to be funny by making fun of other people, that's suck la! 

Nak jadikan cerita, dia duduk tak jauh dari aku, selang 2-3 row di depan, kejap-kejap pegi toilet, aku rasa tiap half an hour dia gi toilet. Aku paling malas sebenarnya ke toilet sebab malas nak lintas orang. Tapi sebab dah bosan aku pun bangun la. As usual, sape-sape pun kalau nampak toilet sign "Vacant", of cos la korang akan bukak sebab dah vacant kan? So aku pun pusing tombol toilet and tadaaaa!!! Tau ape aku nampak? Aku nampak lelaki tu tengah berdiri sambil posing kencing. Whaaatt!! Aku jadi tergamam, tapi aku tak pulak tutup pintu tu balik. Dia pulak yang tergopoh-gopoh capai pintu dan tutup.

Aku pun cecepat lari ke belakang sebab aku takut dia perasan muka aku. Aku rasa sume yang duduk kat row dekat dengan toilet tu nampak dia tengah kencing, ala-ala free show dah sebab toilet tu kat bahagian tengah kapal, tu namanya rezeki okeh! Ala tapi lelaki nampak ape la pun, nampak ke? Tak kisahla kan.

So pas 20 minit menyembunyikan diri dalam toilet aku pun balik ke seat. Aku tengok dia tengah marah-marah pramugari. Sume pramugari yang lalu kat sebelah dia mesti kene panggil pastu kena marah. Macam-macam aku dengar dia sebut, macam "I'm paying for the seat!", "I want to see the captain!", "Is this how you treat the customer?", "I demand an explaination!"..Hahahaha...Tau ape aku pikir dalam kepala waktu tu? Aku pikir "Haa, tu la len kali jangan mengata orang, jap je tuhan tu balas, kasi aib terus. Walaupun tuhan ko sembah tu lain dengan tuhan yang aku sembah, tapi tuhan tetap adil okeh! Learn your lesson!". Turun je flight pastu aku tengok dia pakai spek mata hitam, bajet paparazi nak amik gambar la kan. Motiff?

Tapi lagi tragis kisah kawan aku yang nampak toilet "Vacant" dan bila pintu dibukak, tiba-tiba nampak sorang amoi tengah buat bisnes. Dia punya muka selenga je, tak marah la pulak dan langsung tak terkejut bila orang tengok dia kencing. In fact kawan aku yang tutup balik pintu tu..Hahaha.. Tapi ya rabbi, hutan belantara dia tebal macam hutan simpan..hahahaha..pitammm!

So moral of the story, check la pintu toilet berkali-kali sebelum buat bisnes, kalau tak korang akan malu sepanjang flight, takpun malu sepanjang hayat. Tapi kalau dah malu sangat boleh je lompat keluar ikut emergency exit di tengah-tengah ketinggian 40,000 kaki. Barula true sky diving!


tarikh dah dekat, tapi spirit tah ke mana

November 01, 2010

Harini exchange rate kat Wawasan Sentosa menunjukkan AUD1=RM3.05. Mahalnye duit Oz!! Nampak macam takde tanda-tanda akan turun yang pastinya. Tapi nasib baik aku masih simpan lagi saki baki duit dari trip dulu, so boleh pakai balik.

Tempat menginap dah book, cuma bayar deposit 10%, the rest masa check-in (kalau book direct dari website hostel selalunya dia amik full payment). Aku survey hostel kat Hostelbookers, website ni bagus sebab bukan setakat dapat cari hostel yang sesuai dengan bajet, tapi ada review dan komen dari backpackers yang penah tinggal kat situ. Selain dari website ni, boleh jugak tengok kat Hostelworld dan Review ni penting sebab kadang-kadang ada jugak hostel yang indah khabar dari rupa.

Itinerary kali ni takde sebab nak free & easy, just pusing-pusing dalam Perth city. Paling jauh pun ke Fremantle or Freo (as what the local refers) sebab nak makan fish & chips kat Cicerellos (selain dari tu boleh cuba Kailis). Yang penting sekali aku nak pegi Caversham Wildlife Park sebab dulu aku tak sempat pegi. Nak feed kangaroo makan pastu tarik ekor dia...harapnya tak kena tendang le. Huhu~

my travel companion

Beli masa winter sale, harga asal NZD179.98, ada diskaun 50%
(image from

Kali ni aku bawak Nowaki 32L, brand Kathmandu. Deuter 60L kene tinggal sebab tak larat nak pikul, nak cuba travel light pulak..gitew. Baju pun bawak ala kadar je sebab boleh cuci kan, yang penting ada tuala, sweater, fleece dengan long john. 

ETA pun belum buat lagi, mungkin esok or lusa. Nak masuk Oz ni wajib ada ETA ye kengkawan, takde ETA alamatnya takleh masuk. Barang makanan rasanya tak bawak malas nak declare itu ini, leceh. Harapnya kali ni semuanya smooth dan selamat, Insya Allah. Nampak je aku dah buat itu ini, tapi hakikatnya tak tau la ke mana spirit aku. Ke laut mungkin?

p/s : apsal hati aku berdebar je ni, apapun doakan semuanya selamat ok. btw, takde sape ke nak gi Perth?


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